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Connected Construction:
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What Is Connected Construction?

What Is Connected Construction?

Trimble’s mix of hardware, software and mobility solutions streamline communication and collaboration throughout the construction lifecycle. For contractors, it is especially critical to be able to share data with various stakeholders. Our Connected Construction Integration is a step in this direction between
Contractors and Owners.

With the Connected Construction Integration, owners and contractors continue to own their respective project data, sharing and collaborating at the appropriate level for the project, further enabling projects to be completed on time and on budget.

When You’re Doing Duplicate Data Entry, It Feels Like Your Time Is Going Into a Void

While contractors recognize the value of exchanging information on projects with owners, it is rare that the two use the same project management solution, or to be able to integrate the two systems.

Data shows that the contractors will not refuse doing duplicate data entry into the Owner’s system. Contractors then must choose: do duplicate data entry or don’t have an accurate contractor’s system of record for that project.

Connected Construction: Benefits You’ll See In Your Bottom Line

Improve on efficiencies and get paid faster!

  • Contractors who are awarded the work can organize the information they need to build the project, while also meeting the data needs of the owner.
  • The entire lifecycle of capital programs and projects, from design to project delivery, to facility operations and maintenance.
  • Deliver projects quicker and decrease payment cycles by streamlining the approval and communication processes.
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Connected Construction Process

Connect Your Field
and Office

Connect many of your Trimble products to ProjectSight with Trimble Connect. Share documents and drawings between ProjectSight and field layout and scanners. Have the latest 2-D or 3-D drawing (Autodesk Revit, Sketchup) available to  your team wherever they need them - making project information transparent, traceable and accessible.

The construction industry as a whole will continue to benefit as the flow of data gets easier between owners and their project teams.

Connect Your Field and Office