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Finally, Getting Owners + Contractors On the Same Page

That's Connected Construction

Eliminating Duplicate Data Entry + Reducing Risks for Everyone

That's Connected Construction

Owners and Contractors: The Great Divide

For many years, capital program owners and project contractors have typically worked in separate project and program management systems.

This way of working has led to a disconnect that has caused inefficiencies and risks to rise for both owners and contractors – along with additional costs. For example, contractors often have to perform duplicate data entry – while owners are paying for it.

Recent data from Dodge Data & Analytics, Trimble and e-Builder offers a look at feedback from both owners and contractors on their challenges and what could be better in their processes.

The Challenges: What Contractors Are Saying

duplicate data entry icon


Report that duplicate entry negatively impacts their productivity
duplicate data entry slow workflow


Report duplicate entry slows their information workflow
data entry errors


Say duplicate entry impacts their frequency of data entry errors

The Challenges: What Owners Are Saying

capital project risk


Of owners believe contractors add risk by estimating project progress
project owners unsatisfied payment process


Of owners are unsatisfied (or neutral) with their current payment and progress processes
payment applications process too long


Of owners say their current process to assemble payment applications takes too long

The Value of Connected Construction:
Backed by Independent Research

Dodge Data & Analytics teamed up with e-Builder on a SmartMarket Brief to hear from owners and contractors about their current project processes and the issues they encounter.

The key takeaway? The vast majority of owners value having a single project platform where they can exchange data with contractors easily.

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The Solution: Systems That Are Connected

A single platform helps owners and contractors manage capital projects with confidence:

  • Reduce Risk by relying less on project progress estmates
  • Save money by reducing duplicate data entry
  • Have quick visibility to vital data
dodge data smartmarket brief connected construction

Get the Full Report + See the Data

Connecting Owners and Contractors: How Technology Drives Connected Construction

Download the full Smart Market Brief and see how a better connected project management solution can help reduce user error, streamline project and payment processes, and empower owners and contractors to work together more efficiently.

"[With a PMIS], you can always see where things are in the process workflow. That builds in some transparency, and we've tried to take that into account on our side, to report on it regularly, to make sure that we're doing our jobs too, not just that the contractor's doing theirs."
Michael Rousch
Program Manager,
University of California,
San Diego
“Once contractors realize they can see where their RFIs are sitting and who is holding them up, they become fans – especially of how quickly they get paid ... when an application is submitted, it will go through the architect, the PM, through me, into the financial system, and they'll get paid pretty much in 10 days.”
Dennis Clausen
Director of Support Services,